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My journey
My name is Neeva and I’m a spiritual guide and a yoga teacher, as well as a healthy lifestyle advocate. In 2002, I first heard about the concept of spiritual advancement. After taking my first spiritual awakening course, there was a whole different world that was opening up in front of me! I felt as if up until now I was walking in darkness, and all of a sudden someone turned on the light in my life and I could actually see. I could look back and analyze my past and present thoughts and actions; I could connect to my higher self and to the different energy vibrations of the earth.

Since that first class, I have dedicated most of my life to learning and developing almost every aspect of spirituality, mindfulness, energy work, and later on - yoga and healthy eating. It’s been a phenomenal journey and still is!

In the last couple of years I studied the Crystal Eye Technique, which is based on spiritual knowledge and is used to cure many mental health issues. The Crystal Eye technique does not take care of the symptoms; rather, it gets deep into the root cause of any issue, because only when you take care of the root cause can you solve the issue once and for all, and - of course - get rid of the symptoms.

Today, I'm a seasoned spiritual guide with extensive experience both as a spiritual practitioner and a yoga instructor. Over the years, I've honed my intuitive abilities and deepened my understanding of spiritual principles. Drawing from my rich background and the ancient teachings, I designed Tarot, Oracle and Inspirational card decks and wall art in order to uplift, inspire, and guide individuals on their spiritual journey. My cards reflect wisdom, compassion, and profound connection to the spiritual realm, offering seekers valuable insights and guidance.

What differentiates my work
Most treatments (for physical or mental issues), either in the modern medicine sector or the alternative one, are focusing on getting rid of the symptoms of a problem. Even acupuncture, which works on opening energy blockages in the human body and is considered a great alternative treatment, is (in most cases) wonderful for a short time only; if the person will not take care of the root cause of their issue, the blockages will most likely come back and the person will need more treatments.

Modern medicine (for both physical and mental issues) eliminates the symptoms in most cases. And what are these symptoms to begin with? These are the body screaming that there is a problem that needs to be taken care of! Once we shut off the body’s screams with medications, we ‘forget’ about the problem as it doesn’t bother us anymore, and then, eventually, the problem will become bigger. Later on - God forbid - we could face a much more serious disease due to wiping away the symptoms of the issue when it was still small and manageable.

In my programs and consultations, I teach how to take care of the root cause of most problems, which means you don’t only get rid of the symptoms, but you also get rid of the actual problem, whatever that is. And if you do a good job, it will never grow or repeat!



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